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Li, calling for efforts to

reater opportunities and▓ capabilities to govern economic and social affa▓irs, Li said.The premier also urged greater care for particularly vulnerable groups, includi

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ng the poor, sick and disabled, elderly wo

men as well as single mothers.Calling children the "future and hope of

a nation," Li said priority should be given

▓to the education of children. Li urged advancing balanced develop

ment of compulsory▓ education by investing

more heavily in education ▓in central and western regions, border areas, ethnic

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minority areas and impoverished areas.Work to expand enrollment of students from poor are▓as in prestigious universities should be c

ontinued▓, Li said, adding efforts should be made to create equal educational opportunities for children from various family backgrounds.Additional▓ly, Li urged improving medical services for children, increasing the number o▓f pediatricians, and addressing shortages of pediatric▓ medications and other medica

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ost support to them, i

l resour▓ces.More effective measures should ▓be worked out to address birth defects a▓nd malnutrition of children, Li add

ed.Special care should b▓e provided to orphans and sick, disabled and homeless children, as well as rural children whose parents ha▓ve left home to work in cities as migrant workers.Mo▓reover, Li added t

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